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Give yourself a much needed relaxation!

You deserve it!

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Join to

  • Let go of stress 
  • Boost your confidence 
  • Be mindful and aware 
  • Slow down and enjoy your daily life
  • Find harmony and happiness 
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You will also

  • Be happy and relaxed
  • Be more present

  • Take time for yourself

  • Connect to your body
  • Connect to the world around you

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Safe Space 

  • No expectations
  • No judgement
  • No pressure

Space where you can be yourself.

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What customers are saying...

“A wonderful two-week experience of reconnecting with yourself, your body and the simple things in life around you. It will leave you grounded, relaxed, and open-minded.


I loved the live classes. I was looking forward to have a relaxing class and it was exactly what I was looking for.


"The little rituals were fun and I was able to relax really well and enjoyed setting aside some time for myself. I took time for myself, relaxed, and got in touch with my senses.


Give yourself a much-needed relaxation time!

You deserve it!

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Are you sceptical? 

If you are unsure if the rituals will have an effect, try out this simple body scan.

You can do it anywhere!

Connect to your body and the world around.

Be mindful. 

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Here is the outline of the rituals in the Sensuality Boost: Activate Your Senses 15-day online program.


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Your Instructor

Having overcome low self-esteem issues herself, Sofiya is ready to help her students. She has found out that gentle but consistent routines and rituals help discover the path to self-love. 

Sofiya is aware that everyone is on their own journey and respects each individual for it. She has the goal to guide you and help you find your own way. 

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