Let's be honest!

let's be honest Apr 06, 2022
Photographer: Philippe Rives

Hey there,

I have something to share with you.


I find it quite annoying that social media presents only one image of a person's life (usually an incorrect, perfect one). It gives a false understanding that everyone else has it easy, but I assure you - that's not the case.

This is why I decided to share with you some uncomfortable, weird and fun facts about me that will show you that I, too am human, just as you are, and have my own troubles.

In the next few weeks, I will share with you some uncomfortable, fun and weird facts about me :)

Maybe you will see yourself in some of these? Feel free to write to me and tell me more about it, I'm here to listen and maybe help. 🤗


Today, I want to share the following:

I have a Master's in Chemistry...

That's right! I did not always know what I want to be. I did not have all my life nicely planned out and I certainly did not have an easy time figuring it out.

And I believe it is okay to feel this way. To be lost, to question, to not know.


Why did I study chemistry?

I was absolutely fascinated the world around me and wanted to understand much more of it. How can it be that all humans, objects and nature are all made from the same atoms arranged in different ways. I wanted to understand the way that nature works.

I actually switched completely my career to dance after I graduated. Doing this was one of the hardest things in my life. Going against my culture, the way I was taught was like fighting with myself and all the inner voices.


Do I regret it?

Absolutely not! It taught me to research deep, to read what others have discovered and have a critical thinking. Combining it with dance, it gives me a unique point of view – my students always say I explain dance in a very easy organized way, with scientific elements.

Lots of people have passion for both art and science, something we have somehow not officially recognized as a society. People in science tend to misunderstand people in arts and vice versa. During my Chemistry degrees, I was often asked with unbelievable eyes why am I teaching dance and not only focusing on working in the lab...


If you are in a similar place - not knowing what you want to do with your life, not being sure if what you are doing is right, I want you to remind you:

Nothing is forever. Everything changes.

And if right now you are doing one thing, there is nothing really stopping you from deciding to do something completely else the next day! (of course, except your own limitations in your mind).


Remember - you alone are in control of your life!


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