Let's be honest - 2

let's be honest Apr 13, 2022

Hey there,

Here is another uncomfortable fact I wanted to share with you...


I think some of you already know it and it seems I have been talking about it quite a lot in the past months, but honestly it took me 5 years to be able to talk openly about it...


Here it is:

I dislocated my spine and couldn't move.

That's right. It was a nightmare... And yet, my spine right now is healthier and stronger than it was before!


It happened 5 years ago during dance practice – I had not warmed up properly (what a lesson to learn). It is in such cases that you realize how essential every single part of the body is for movement. I could not sit, lay down, walk or lift anything without having huge pain in my back.


But I recovered fully and now my spine is stronger than ever! ­čĺ¬


One of my dance teachers once told me: "Injuries happen for a reason, they always have something to teach us."


This huge injury taught me how important it is to listen to your body’s limitations (AND to warm up). I am extra careful of all of my student’s injuries and health concerns. This is why in my classes, I am so careful with the warm up and I focus a lot on building a strong body-mind connection. And this is also why I started learning in depth about our anatomy in movement and to deeply understand the mechanisms of dancing in a healthy way.


It is why I took a Lower Back Fascia and Level 1 Trainer certificate from the Franklin Method. It is why I keep learning daily of the way our body functions and how I can pass this knowledge to my students.


Since then, I have been learning the keys to healthy movement, spine health and well-balanced dance practice. I include all of this knowledge in all my classes, teaching others to prevent such serious injuries. 


So, my dear reader - make sure you take care of your body. Listen to it and don't overpass your limitations!


In reality, we, teachers are there just to guide you. 


You alone can really understand your body best and you are responsible for it. 


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