Let's be honest - 3

let's be honest Apr 19, 2022

I don't want pity! I am just sharing my story. have completely overcome what happened and have found my power and know my strength. I want to talk about this because it is so common and yet a sort of taboo.

Bullying can be in different forms, both physical and psychological, but it is always painful and can cause traumas that can last a long time after it is over.

I moved to a new city when I was in 4th grade and when I started in the new school I was immediately deemed uncool but smart enough to exploit. It lasted all the way until 8th grade when I finally changed schools and I realize now that during those 4 years, I went through all kind of survival stages.

I tried to fit in and to be extra nice to my bullies, so maybe they like me enough to stop…I tried everything EXCEPT for standing up for myself… In situations like this, a person does not really realize what is happening and there is an absolute inability to react appropriately and protect yourself, which is just frustrating.

As a child all you want is the approval of people around you (something that is innate and evolutionary necessary). So when someone dislikes you, you think you must be doing something wrong and try to change yourself to fit better. You blame yourself for not being good enough and try to put on the mask that works best. When in fact, you are not the one to blame, because the problem is always with the person who hurts you…

It really takes time for people to learn not to care about other people’s opinions and some of us never actually get rid of this feeling of need for approval (something that social media exacerbates greatly).

If you care about people’s opinions you give them power over yourself, they can control you if they wish. Take the power back within you.

Remember - there will always be people who will not like you, it is part of life.

Don’t worry to be judged, to not fit in, to be different.

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