Words of Encouragement

injury prevention Feb 17, 2022

An open letter to everyone who recently had a serious injury.


Dear friend,

I know how you feel. I know that having a serious physical injury can also be very tough psychologically.

Losing trust in your body and being scared if you will ever be able to move again. The fear if it will ever be the same as before. The fear of doing something “wrong” and making things worse.

But remember – this is just fear, a natural emotion, and has nothing to do with the physical reality. This fear is not necessarily a bad thing, as it protects you from getting hurt even more. However, when the fear is too big, it will make the recovery much slower and will cause an anxiety connected to moving, which can last a lifetime.

You might be scared to do simple movements that you previously did with ease. And because of this fear, you might partially or completely stop moving in a specific way. But your body physically needs to move in all kinds of random ways!

Without moving, a person cannot live. Our bodies are made to move. They are made with the ability to recover when they get hurt. The fact that there was an injury once does not mean that you cannot recover completely. On the contrary, your body can recover completely and get stronger and healthier than before the accident. This, however, depends only on you!

Motivate yourself and believe that you can completely recover. And when the doctors, physiotherapists and rehabilitators tell you that you can move again – do it! Without fear. Slowly and carefully. With hope and motivation, and focusing on the main goal – your complete recovery.


Don’t lose hope – you can do it!

I have been there and I did it. So have many people in the world. You just need to keep going and be patient.

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