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Get a flexible spine with

Fix Your Posture 2: Flexibility

18th March - 17th April 2022

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Do you... 

...wake up with back pain?

If you don't move much during the day, you probably feel uncomfortable or have pain in your body when your wake up. 

...stay sitting for many hours?

Staying static for a long time causes your facial layers to get stuck to each other, which limits movement and causes problems.

...want more flexible spine?

With these exercises you will get healthier ligaments and intervertebral disks, which will increase your spine flexibility, improve your agility, and more.

Release shoulder tension, reduce back pain. 

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Develop a habit 

 We start with short and easy daily videos that allow you to develop a daily routine without feeling overwhelmed. 

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Feel Better

All exercises are focused on making you feel better. Everyone is encouraged to only do what feels comfortable.

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Holistic Approach 

The mix of exercise videos, tasks and informative videos provide a complete change in awareness and body sensation. 

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Reviews of 

Fix your Posture 1

“The program not only improved my posture, but it also made me aware of my bad sitting habits. I recommend it to anyone who has back problems or would like to improve their posture.


“I loved the course! Both the exercises and the informative videos + challenges were great! I've gained more awareness regarding my posture, especially when seated, and my lower back feels stronger.


"This course was so helpful and well done! It really made a big difference in my awareness of my posture and helped me a lot with building up back muscles.”


Are you sceptical? 

If you are unsure if the exercises will have an effect, try out some of them with this simple 5-min chair-based sequence.

You can even do them while at work!

Improve your posture in 5 minutes per day!


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The schedule for the Live classes will be additionally decided by the participants.


Maybe we can answer some of your questions here.

Your Instructor

Having struggled with vertebral dislocation herself, she is very attentive to the condition of her students. She has found out that working with specific exercises can not only strengthen the muscles, but also recover the elasticity of the ligaments and imrove the overall posture.

Using the methods and exercises included in this course, Sofiya managed to completely recover from the injury, improve her posture and fix her scoliosis. 


Sofiya has long experience teaching classes that improve back health. She is also a certified Franklin Method Level 1 Trainer and Fascia Trainer for the Lower Back.

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