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Fix Your Posture | Part 2: Increase your Flexibility

Join the Fix Your Posture intensive and start your journey to better back health.

Do you feel back pain when you wake up in the morning? Do you sit all day long? Would you like to improve your posture but lack the motivation and organization to do it?

In this course I will give you everything you need to create a healthy habit and a better posture.

You will:

  • Increase your flexibility
  • Get healthier disks and ligaments
  • Strengthen your muscles
  • Gain body awareness and anatomical knowledge
  • Tackle your personal issues
  • Get tips and tricks on how to keep improving your posture in your daily life
  • Get advice from a certified Franklin Method Fascia Trainer for the Lower Back
  • Learn more about your anatomy and how your body functions.

What you'll get:

30 days: 4 exercise classes + 4 exercise routines + 4 informative videos + 4 tasks


  • Effective exercises
  • Functional anatomy
  • Tips on how to reduce body tension
  • Body awareness practices
  • Answers to your questions

The program features three main parts:

  • Exercise classes 

Every week, we will have one exercise class all together, where I will present to you exercises targeting specific area of your back. Here, you can ask all of your questions and share your experiences. All exercises will be determined according to the general condition of the group for a higher efficiency. Here is the schedule of the open classes - if you miss a class, you will get the recording (available to you for two weeks after the course ends):

The schedule for the online classes will be set when 50% of the course is booked. 

All recordings will be available to you until 19.12.

  • Daily exercise routine 

In the beginning of each weak, you will receive a video exercise sequence, which you will be able to do every day. The length of the exercise session increases with time, gently creating a habit.

  • Weekly additional videos + homework

You will get your first video on 5th November. This video will include your first few tasks and important information. Every next week, except for the last one you will get another video with a small additional task and information that is important in order to improve your posture.
One of these tasks would be a postural self-analysis with my help. We will identify your areas of tension and pain, and focus on these.

Personal Approach

The course will have a limited number of participants, making sure that everyone gets personal advice.
The exercise routines will be prepared specifically according to the participant’s needs.
We will have a direct contact, so you will be able to ask me anything!

The more serious you are, the better results you will get.
As you can imagine, the more strict you are with your homework, the better results you will get. The program is designed with the idea of regular practice in mind; the changes will not be as big if you do not follow the schedule properly.

Do you have an injury?

Injuries are serious body conditions, of which we need to take care. Often our bodies still need movement, but just the right amount. Discussing with your doctor what exercises and movement you should do is the best way to prevent a more serious trauma.

Did you talk to your doctor and they said it is okay to do most movements and exercises? Great! Then, please contact me directly at [email protected] and let me know what you can and cannot do, to make sure I adapt the exercises to your condition.

About your Instructor

I am a certified Franklin Method Fascial Trainer for the Lower Back and Level 1 Franklin Method Trainer, as well as an experienced back exercise coach.

Four years ago I had a complete spinal dislocation, disabling me from moving freely for about 3 months. Since that injury, I have determined to learn everything I can about the back and back health in order to help others. I have been teaching for the past 3 years a back health class, where I worked with people with all types of postural issues. I am very excited to say that several of my students corrected their postural problems.

Everything we do in class is tested many times over and works! I, myself, had a terrible posture a few years back. But using the methods I will present to you in this intensive, I managed to completely transform my posture and body awareness.


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