The Art of Self-Care: Nurturing your Mind, Body and Soul

11th - 25th November

Connect to your body and mind, find your strength, get rid of stress and more.

What you'll get:

  • 14 Daily rituals

Every day you will get pre-recorded video with a new ritual. These have been especially prepared for this program with respect to the goals of the program. All rituals have been created especially for this program and are unique in this sense. 

  • 2 Live Classes 

We will have 2 live online classes, where we will work with various relaxation techniques and practices to active our senses. These include free movement, writing, meditation, self-care, touch and proprioception, body-mind connection, active listening and more. This is a unique blend of approaches, which have been inspired by my personal and professional experience. 

The exact dates and time for the live classes will be determined together through a poll from all participants a week before the course start.

All online classes will be recorded and you will receive access to all recording for 1 month after the end of the course. 

  • Supportive Community

We will be constantly in touch, sharing our progress and experiences. Knowing that other people are going through and experiencing the same things as you are is powerful. Being listened to and heard is necessary. You will be heard and valued. 

  • A safe space and small group

We are a small group which makes it easy to create a safe space with no judgement, where you can relax and be yourself. 

What makes this course different from other such courses?

I  deeply care about my students, which is why I am always attentive to their needs. One of the most important things for me is to make sure my students feel comfortable in my classes. 

The course will have a limited number of participants, making sure that everyone gets personal advice and guidance. Also, we will have a direct contact, so you will be able to share anything with me!

What if I do not have time for regular practice?

The program is designed with the idea of regular practice in mind; the changes will not be as big if you are not so regular. Yet, putting pressure on yourself is also outside the goals of this program. Try to find a good rhythm you are comfortable with and don't stress yourself if you don't manage everything. You have one more month to finish all videos :) 

What People Are Saying:

The little rituals were fun and I was able to relax really well and enjoyed setting aside some time for myself. I took time for myself, relaxed, and got in touch with my senses.


I totally loved the intensive: not only I‘ve learned to take a break every day and observe everything around me and see it under different perspectives but I've also managed to discover new things regarding my body.


A wonderful two-week experience of reconnecting with yourself, your body and the simple things in life around you. It will leave you grounded, relaxed, and open-minded


I loved the live classes. I was looking forward to have a relaxing class and it was exactly what I was looking for.


€55,00 EUR