Move for a happier life

Healthy life is a happy life

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Move for a happier life.

Healthy life is a happy life.

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Starting on 16th January!

Activate Your Senses


Relax & Release. Take time for yourself and create a habit for self-care. 
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Starting on 28th January

Fix Your Posture: Strength


Release back tension, improve your posture, learn techniques to manage long sitting hours.
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Feel comfortable in your skin.

Scientific studies have shown that exercise decreases your chances of depression, improves your mood, and boosts your energy, productivity and confidence. 

I will help you improve your health through movement, which will bring more happiness into your life. 




Bellydance fusion, Body Isolation, Contemporary Oriental, Improvisation, and other styles.

Learn new skills in a healthy way.  


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Online Programs

Improve your posture, strengthen your back and pelvic floor, release any tension and relief pain.

We take into consideration your injuries.


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Dive deeper into a subject with science-based techniques and important movement skills. 

Learn the depths of movement and dance.


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Be Yourself

create a safe welcoming environment where no one is judged! Everyone is welcome.

Stay Healthy 

Everything is based on the natural body movement. I willl always take into consideration your injuries.

Have Fun

We create a fun friendly atmosphere where everyone can relax and enjoy movement.

Find Friends

We have a small community, where we keep in touch, find support and help if needed, and meet amazing people. 

Class Schedule

Online Classes


18:15 - 19:45 - Body Isolation & Control

You will build an awareness of the body control and movement isolations, that you can then incorporate in your own dance practice.

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20:00 - 21:30 - ContempOriental Dance

You will feel energized, healthy and happy after a fun dance session in a friendly and welcoming environment! All levels welcome.

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20:00 - 21:00 - Essence of Bellydance

We will focus on body awareness and movement with pleasure and enjoyment. Content: pelvic floor exercises and bellydance moves.

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All classes are available also through 5-class, 10-class cards or unlimited subscription. If missing from the class, you can get the recording. The unlimited subscription includes all recordings of all classes in that month.

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5 Class Card


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  • Get access to any 5 classes
  • Valid for all regular classes
  • Join supportive community
  • Get class recordings
  • Valid for 2 months
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10 Class Card


- Save 20€ -

  • Get access to any 10 classes
  • Valid for all regular classes
  • Join supportive community
  • Get class recordings
  • Valid for 4 months
  • Get 10% off online courses

Unlimited Card


- Save up to 70€ -

  • Access unlimited classes
  • Valid for all regular classes
  • Join supportive community
  • Access all class recordings
  • Cancel anytime!
  • Get 20% off online courses

Do you want a Private Session?

I can help you to improve your body condition, dance skills, body awarenes and improved functions and movement. Sessions can be both online and in person (in Berlin, Germany). 

Do you have something specific you want to work on or just want to deepen your skills and knowledge? Let's have a call and discuss it!

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"Sofiya's classes are the best! She is a very knowledgable, patient teacher who creates a very welcoming, comfortable atmosphere in her lessons. I always feel so great after her classes - highly recommended!"


Georgia Gray

Let’s get to it!


I understand how it feels to feel frustrated with low self-esteem, feeling stiff and having a bad posture, I used to as well!

For the past 10 years, however, I completely turned these around, and found and developed the tools needed to empower you to do the same! 

I have studied with amazing teachers such as Coco Berlin, Eric Franklin and Piny Orchidaceae and am ready to share their wisdom with you! 


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